The SmartWatch 3 came with a range of advanced features including NFC, GPS, Wi-Fi capabilities, and waterproofing, that are not offered by many rivals at the time it debuted. Now, Sony has to launch the successor of the SmartWatch 3 in order to survive with the ever advancing smartwatch world. The Sony SmartWatch 4 Rumors have been around the internet as the next edition of the company’s next Android Wear Smartwatch that will be released by the Japanese company. Keep reading this article to know more about this really innovative and stunning timepiece, the Sony SmartWatch 4.

Sony SmartWatch 4 Rumors Design

Sony SmartWatch 4
Sony SmartWatch 4

There is a bit scruffy design and the rubber strap of this smartwatch though most customers do not criticize about the features of SmartWatch 3. It has an understated appearance though it looks minimalistic, polished, and sporty for such price. There is classy and stunning look on rivals such as Huawei Watch, Apple Watch, and the new Moto 360. The upcoming wearable would look sporty, attractive and stately. Customers would love to have a more sophisticated, universally-attractive design though they have to pay $50 for that.

Sony SmartWatch 4 Rumors: Better GPS

Built-in GPS of the SmartWatch 3 works well there are some serious downsides with this great feature. The GPS use up out battery a lot and the sensors go out of the places. There is also another noticeable issue with this feature. The distance tracked by the GPS of the wearable is fluctuating a lot with that shown on the mobile device.

Sony SmartWatch 4 Rumors
Sony SmartWatch 4 GPS

There is also almost 10% the battery dropped while using the GPS. You can expect the company will fix this battery issue for the next Sony SmartWatch 4 Rumors. The company should also make a more accurate tracking system by improve the wearable’s hardware.

Sony SmartWatch 4 Rumors: Android Pay

The SmartWatch 3 had an edge and stand out over the rivals by having NFC installed in it. This feature had been already added by Sony but had been less exploited. The SmartWatch 3 had given excitement to owners by introducing the Android Pay and the Android Marshmallow allowing easy wireless payments. Now, the upcoming Sony SmartWatch 4 should also offer the Android Pay feature.

Sony SmartWatch 4 Rumors: Sensors

The SmartWatch 3 can be one of the best fitness trackers though it is more of a smartwatch thanks to its awesome sensor features. Accelerometer and gyroscope are sensor options offered for fitness watch in addition to the built-in GPS. You can also expect to see altimeter and the optical heart rate sensor on the Sony SmartWatch 4 Rumors.

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