Samsung Gear S2 Watch Review, Design, Battery Life

Smartwatch Class – Samsung Gear S2 is now becoming the leading smartwatch gadget which has durable design, well-working Tizen OS and also wonderful performance. Launched within October 5th, 2015 in the US, Samsung Gear S2 has its own place in people’s heart. Today, Smartwatch Class are going to do some reviews on this amazing smartwatch. As we concern more on the performance, we will always start it with the battery life performance, the design, and lastly some great developments which makes the smartwatch becomes different from other smartwatches.

Samsung Gear S2 Review

Samsung Gear S2 has pretty much different specification from the previous Samsung Gear which is Samsung Gear S2 and also the cheaper one named Samsung Gear 2.

Samsung Gear S2 Battery Life

Samsung Gear S2 Battery Life

Based on several websites and Youtube videos review, Samsung Gear S2 has a nice power performance. We all now that it must be depended on how people use it but some reviews uttered that the battery life of the new Samsung smartwatch is very amazing. 300 mAh is the only power planted on the smartwatch but it worked up to 3 days which is for real, must be so difficult for the other type of Smartwatches.

The charger used for Samsung Gear S2 is also unique and special. It is not in the form of charger and cable, but it is a dock in which we only need to put the smartwatch on it and wait for the dock charges the Gear S2 battery to be full. When you got your S2 watch battery only 15% left, the saving mode from the smartwatch will automatically preserve the battery life with switching the screen into greyscale and disabling all apps except calls, messages and also alerts.

Samsung Gear S2 Design

Samsung Gear S2 and S2 Classic

Samsung Gear S2 is made with beautiful and durable design which answers the complaint of costumers who thought that the previous Samsung Gear smartwatch looked terrible. The smartwatch wants to compete the Moto 360 smartwatch which basically has the same full circle design for its outer body. As this is a flagship smartwatch, Samsung doesn’t forget to make the watch using well-made stainless steel body. When you wear it, you will feel the sleek and slim gadget surrounding your wrist.

Samsung Gear S2 Atelier Mendini

In general, there are three types of Samsung Gear S2. Samsung Gear S2, S2 Classic and S2 X. The usual Samsung gear S2 utilizes rubber band which makes the smartwatch looks more sporty. On the other hands, the Samsung Gear S2 Classic is best fitted for older users. because it is supported with leather-based band to comfort your wrist. In addition, the Samsung Gear S2 X is more awasome. Samsung works with Alessandro Mendini to built some more colorful and handy smartwatches within the smartwatch faces and also the watch bands. So people will have more options in choosing the best design for his own personal style.

Samsung Gear S2 OS and Connectivity

Samsung Gear S2 Connectivity

Samsung finally decided to implement their own OS for this brand new smartwatch. The Tizen OS works very nicely in the Samsung Gear S2. Androidpit (Read directly for more info) summed up the software working on the latest Samsung Smartwatch. It said that the navigation menu was very easy to use even though the smartwatch bezel was in circle form. It won’t be a problem because Samsung utilized circular interface so that users are able to use it pleasantly. Samsung Gear S2 is also supported with WiFi connection. But Androidpit stated on his review that the WiFi cannot automatically connect its connection itself to the available WiFi connection. It’s a simple problem but might be bothering you.

For the connectivity, Samsung Gear S2 is worked fine with Samsung smartphone devices in which the Android OS must be above 4.3, and at least having 1.5 GB RAM. For the non-Samsung smartphones, it has the same basic requirements except for the OS. If you are a non-Samsung users, you need to have an android smartphone with 4.4 OS or above. Basically, It is not a problem for costumers because most of them already use smartphones which has 2 GB RAM or even more. However, sad information for iPhone Users. Samsung, until now, hasn’t yet enabled the connectivity of Samsung Gear S2 for any iPhone types. We all know that people must be waiting for the upcoming information related to the connectivity of the smartwatch for iPhone. We hope that soon enough iPhone users can buy and pair the Samsung Gear S2 to their apple gadget.

Samsung Gear S2 Price

After the first release in the US on October 5th, 2015, the price of Samsung Gear S2 is still up and down. puts it price in $297 on promos which is basically cost $299.99. For this premium smartwatch, we can say that it is the best fitted price because the design, specification and performance are very well organized. We are only sad for the fact that it cannot be connected to iPhone devices. We hope that Samsung will solve this later on to think about working with apple in order that apple users can also enjoy the great Samsung smartwatch.

So here they are the Samsung Gear S2 review from Smartwatch Class. We hope that it helps you to decide whether you want to buy the smartwatch or not. So far, this Samsung Gear smartwatch is one of our best recommendation for Android users. We will be so happy if you leave us a comment about the smartwatch either you like it or not or maybe when you experience something tricky wearing the smartwatch. Thank you guys for reading our blog. See you on the next smartwatch review!

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Review Summary

Smartwatch Class sums up that Samsung Gear S2 can be one of the best choice for buying smartwatch in term of the design and battery life. However, it is not recommended for iPhone users due to the fact that the connectivity toward the apple gadget hasn’t been available yet.

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