The rumors about the new launch of Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 had gone back to 2018, but since the COVID -19 pandemic, the company may have considered online launch instead of the regular one. It seems that Samsung may focus on online sales although it remains unclear what they are going to do with the launch. However, the news about Galaxy Watch 3 alone is enough to excite interested enthusiasts, and with the improved features, specs, and technologies, the watch can face serious competition from Apple Watch 6.

The Updates

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Design

The problem with Samsung Galaxy watches are the high prices – and Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 will likely have the same issue. The original 42mm type was sold for $375 – which was quite a lot. And the 46mm type was being launched at $400. The LTE model? Even costlier than that. So, it is only logical if fans are expecting Samsung to drop the price, although it may not be likely. The lowest possible price might be set at $375 – which is still high for the standard smartwatch items.

Naturally, there would be some improvements to the new watch. They may not be perfect, but improvement is better than nothing. There are some possible updates that you can find for the 3 series.

Smaller Design

When we are talking about design, the Samsung watch is big. The original one was available in two sizes: 42mm as well as 46mm – and both of them were big. Sure, both watches were packed with features and technologies, like rotating bezel, to improve its functionality. But it would be nice if Samsung can consider a more compact design.

Rumor has it that Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 may be coming in another 2 sizes: the 41mm and 45mm types. They are only slightly smaller than the previous ones – and for those with smaller wrists, these watches may not be ideal. Hopefully, Samsung can figure out a way to make it more suitable (and also appealing) for those having small wrists.

And since people like the circular design of the watch, which came from the original series, it is highly likely that the Galaxy Watch 3 will be coming with the same design. The rotating bezel may likely stay. It is quite beneficial, allowing users to get used to the interface system quickly and conveniently. With the rotating bezel, you can minimize the need to swipe on the touchscreen window. Some people even want to have the one with a rotatable crown (like you can find from Apple watches or Wear OS), but it isn’t sure whether Samsung will have such a design.


Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Price

What makes Galaxy Watch 3 different from Galaxy Watch Active 2 is the improved accuracy of the fitness apps. Galaxy Watch Active 2 is packed with fitness apps and their tracking technologies. However, most of them have accuracy issues, such as inaccurate elevation stats, inaccurate GPS routes, inaccurate heart rate tracking, and reading, and such thing alike. After all, despite the name ‘Active’ this smartwatch isn’t popular for its fitness tracking technology.

Things are about to change with the Galaxy Watch 3. It gets better accuracy that will certainly affect the performance and overall users’ satisfaction. And considering that most users choose the smartwatch for their fitness functionality, hopefully, Samsung would be extra careful about it. And they would carefully tweak the technologies. It would be too bad that such a functional and sophisticated (not to mention also expensive) product would have a not-so-satisfying outcome.

Besides the better accuracy for the fitness apps, the watch will support Samsung Pay too. One of the biggest advantages of the smartwatch is the ability to operate with all kinds of card readers, whether the terminal has the built-in NFC technology or not. Not to mention that the smartwatch has the so-called MST (Magnetic Secure Transmission), one technology allowing Samsung Pay to be compatible with the non-NFC terminals. Unfortunately, Samsung has removed the MST from their watch. Does it mean that the watch will have the technology for the 3 Series? There are different rumors about them. Hopefully, Samsung would consider it to be back for their products.


For the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, it will likely come with better water resistance ability, in-built GPS, Gorilla Glass DX, and others. It is also possible that the watch will come with AMOLED panels with smaller rotating bezels. It may also come with the same charger used for Active 2 and Galaxy Watch Active, along with 2 battery options of 247mAh and 340mAh. Besides the GPS, it comes equipped with a RAM capacity of 1 GB, OS Tizen 5.5, a heart rate sensor, an ECG, and a blood pressure monitor. You can expect an improved activity tracking system with this ‘clever watch’.

Release Date

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Release Date

Although Samsung hasn’t said anything about the exact launch date, it is highly likely that it may take place in July 2020. It is unclear whether the pandemic has delayed the launch, but if everything goes as the schedule, then July would be their launch time.

In the overall end, Samsung and Apple are highly competitive against one another. With the release of the upcoming Apple Watch 6, Samsung is facing a difficult and hefty competitor. Sure, Samsung may have ahead launched (if it is happening in July), but if Apple can promise more, people may have a change of heart. Will Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 be able to do this? We’ll see about that.

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