LG Watch Style W270 Good and Bad – It seems that the smart watch sector is no longer dominated by Apple watch or Fitbit – well, at least not with other brands like Fossil or LG watch style W270 joining the line. It is a good thing, though, to have different kinds of options because you can have a wider pick for your personal needs or requirements. So, what can you expect from this LG smart watch, anyway?

The Good and Bad

There is no product that would be 100% perfect – there is always a possibility of a downside. However, a good product is the one having more positive aspects than the negative. The same thing also applies to LG watch style W270. Some of the positive traits are:

LG Watch Style W270 Design
LG Watch Style W270 Design
  • The design is attractive and modern. The dimension and size are also slim
  • The operating system of 2.0 Android Wear is nice and responsive. The performance is super slick
  • The display screen is sharp, detailed, bright, and crisp.

On the other hand, the negative traits include:

  • The absence of NFC so you won’t be able to make payments
  • The battery life is pretty regular and mediocre. When compared to the sophisticated feature, you will expect a better performance, right? Well, unfortunately, you won’t find such a thing with this device
  • The vibration motor is pretty weak

The Overall Outcome

In the overall performance and outcome, though, this device doesn’t disappoint. It is water resistant with impressive OS and attractive design. It looks modern with slim construction so it is lightweight and comfy to wear. However, if you are looking for a watch that focuses so much on the fitness and sport functionalities, this one may not come with complete sports sensors.

LG Watch Style W270 Price
LG Watch Style W270 Price

It is attractive, alright, by compromising some of the sporty features. But if you don’t mind some of the downsides and you are striving so much to get the stylish watch meeting your requirements, this LG watch style W270 can be the best pick.

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