Jawbone UP2 Manual Link And Design

With the company release the new Jawbone UP3, the update Jawbone UP2 is available. The new health tracking bands has sleeker look than before but does not offer smartphone notifications. Here is the look and the features offered and if you need more details for the tracker, you can also find Jawbone UP2 manual link below.

Jawbone UP2 Manual: Display And Design

Jawbone UP2 manual image
Jawbone UP2 manual image

The UP2 come with anodized aluminum with imprinted wallpaper patterns and simple design. Tin coated stainless steel is the material for the new adjustable clasp system. Silver and black are the only available color option when it was initially released.  Now there is a range of colors and straps offered. Under the tracker’s anodized aluminum surface, 3 LED indicator lights sit. Activity is indicated by an orange man light, notifications by a white message icon and sleep by a blue moon. Adjustable clasp system and slim band offers comfortable wears for the activity tracker.

Jawbone UP2 Manual: Functions

Distance, calories torched and steps are activity measured by the Jawbone UP2. Motion X provides Motion tracking. When reaching the set objective, the band buzzes several times though the wrist band does not show the progress. The UP app will ask you to record the motions detected by the Jawbone UP2. Automatic sleep tracking will notify you about your sleep quality. The Smart Coach function is added to the Jawbone UP mobile app. It gives advices for users to keep active and connect the MapMyFitness app.

Jawbone UP2 manual
Jawbone UP2 manual

Jawbone UP2 has multiple alarms with the vibration function and it has reminders telling users to take medicine or jogging that you can learn from Jawbone UP2 manual. Working together, the Jawbone UP2 tracker vibrates while the mobile device displays the reminder to notify users. You can set the idle alert duration if you are inactive that the Jawbone UP2 will detect and remind you to be active by activate a buzz. There is complete food items list on the mobile app that users can decide what to consume for health. You can also graph your weight gain or loss gradually using a weight tracking function in the UP app. At an exacting point of the day, you can capture and track your mood using the Jawbone UP mobile app.

The mobile app is important to initiate activity tracking as the wristband is unable to do this. There are lots of feature and functions available on the device that you can learn from the Jawbone UP2 manual. If you need more information about the tracker, you can visit this link.


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