Smartwatch Class – Considering the expensive price offered by Apple for its Apple Watch, many iPhone users decided to shift their focus on trying the other smartwatch. The best one to replace the Apple Watch now is Huawei Watch. So let’s take a look at this watch to see what kind of stuff that makes this new Huawei smartwach can be best to replace Apple Watch for iPhone users.

Huawei Watch Review

Huawei Watch is the flagship smartwatch made by Huawei company with pretty smart tech and astonishing design. The watch is made with good materials and being sold with quite nice price. With the genuine leather as the band, this particular Huawei smartwatch is a right choice to become the Apple Watch alternatives for iPhone users.

Huawei Watch Design & Display

Huawei Watch Design

This smartwatch from Huawei uses sapphire crystal glass as the face cover which is very resistant of scratch. The glass is actually the same as what Apple Watch uses. The machine is covered by a unibody design which is made of stainless steel. The choice of color offered by the watch is gold, silver, and black. Besides the availability of the genuine leather band, the stainless steel strap can also be the other option.

The problem of Huawei Watch in term of its design is that the watch is very thick. It has 11.3 mm thickness. But the bezels thickness makes it still more comfortable to see the display if we compare it to the New Moto 360.

The display of the brand new Huawei Watch is very nice. It has an AMOLED display powered with 400 x 400 px along with 286 ppi. It is one of the highest smartwatch ppi offered below LG Watch Urbane.

Huawei Watch Apps, Performance, and Activity Tracking

Huawei Watch Apps

Even though you are using the Huawei Watch for iPhone, that doesn’t mean you will have some difficulties in term of app tracking. It has the built-in app of Google Fit and also Daily Tracking app which will be so helpful to track your activity.

Sadly, there is no GPS on this Huawei smartwatch where as you can find that easily on Sony Smartwatch 3 and Moto 360 sport. The heart rate tracker, just like the other Apple Watch competitors does also not work very accurately to record our activity.

However, the use of Android Wear as its OS is very helpful. The latest version of its OS works very fine with iPhone. So you will have no problem to wear Huawei Watch as the Apple Watch replacement.

Huawei Watch Price Tag

Huawei Watch Price

If we are comparing Huawei Watch to other android smartwatches, the price might be thought as quite expensive. But if you like this watch to replace Apple Watch to be on your wrist, that is not a bad decision. From, the offered price of Huawei Watch is $349 and it is quite nice for the iPhone users.

That’s all Huawei Watch review from Smartwatch Class. Don’t forget to read our other thought of other brand smartwatches. See you on the next smartwatch review!

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