Fitbit Versa Watch Faces and How to Change It – Do you know that you can change the Fitbit Versa watch faces? Yes, you can, if you know how. After all, the watch is one of the smartest devices ever made and designed so it is only logical if it provides different options for the face change. The process itself isn’t easy or smooth, so getting a guide and assistance will be quite handy.

Fitbit Versa Price
Fitbit Versa Price

Changing the Face

In the event that you want to change the Fitbit Versa watch faces, rest assured that there are ways and steps to do so. Unfortunately, not many people know this. Many of them have been stuck with the same faces for years, thinking that it can’t be changed or customized. So, how do you manage it?

  • Open your phone and access the Fitbit app.
  • When you see Versa icon, click on it
  • Choose the tile for Clock Faces and then tap All Clocks option.
  • You will be given different variants and looks for the face
  • When you already find the one you like, simply make a tap and choose Select
  • Wait while the loading bar will show on the screen. You should expect a loading screen along with a small vibration, followed by the new face popping up on the screen. The process is automatic so you don’t need to do anything – just wait and see
Fitbit Versa Design
Fitbit Versa Design


Once you choose a face, there are different extra features that you can choose or select. Mind you, though, that each face is different. Some faces are working well with the extra features, such as time format, colors, and such thing alike. Some, however, aren’t really doing good with the extra options. Feel free to choose any face you want and try the additional option. Who knows? Maybe the one you pick are able to accommodate your needs, anyway? That’s the basic step of how to change the Fitbit Versa watch faces.

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