Fitbit Versa Vs Charge 2 Similarities and Differences – For some people, the differences between Fitbit Versa vs Charge 2 are obvious – the Versa is a smart watch while Charge 2 is the fitness tracker. From the name alone, you get the idea of they are capable of, right? But both of them are basically accessories – they are designed to help you manage your daily activities with the simplest action and management. Not to mention that they share some similarities despite their differences. So, what should you know about them?

Fitbit Versa Vs Charge 2 Comparisons
Fitbit Versa Vs Charge 2 Comparisons

The Shared Similarities

So, what can you expect from these two devices, anyway? What are the similarities they are sharing? Both the devices have:

  • Move reminders – which will remind you to move
  • Guide breathing
  • Exercise SmartTrack auto detection
  • All day tracking activity, including calories, distance, floors, steps, etc
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Auto sleep tracking which includes time asleep and also stages
  • Smartphone notifications such has texts and calls
Fitbit Versa Vs Charge 2 Differences
Fitbit Versa Vs Charge 2 Differences

You have the freedom to choose the size that you want. In the battle of Fitbit Versa vs Charge 2, you can also choose the bands which are pretty customable and easily swapped for stylish look. Both Charge 2 and Versa come with altimeter sensor and also GPS.

The Basic Differences

As it was mentioned before, Versa is a smart watch whereas Charge 2 is a fitness tracker. You can say that Versa may offer more complete features and abilities compared to Charge 2. Moreover, Versa is packed with additional features that you may not find from Charge 2, such as:

  • Features and technologies. You will find extra smart watch abilities in Versa, such as fast reply, music storage, and apps  – you won’t find such a thing on Charge 2
  • Female health monitor and tracking
  • On screen workout options
  • Swimproof, enabling you to carry your watch swimming up to 50 meters
  • NFC chip for easier payment

Those are the basic and general differences of the two devices. Depending on your preferences, which of Fitbit Versa vs Charge 2 that you will choose?

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