Fitbit Flex VS Jawbone UP2 Showdown

This Fitbit Flex VS Jawbone UP2 comparison will help you decide which one between the two that suit your need and your training. Fitbit Flex is a tracker wristband used by people in fitness. It has many sensors that help to analyze your workout and provide notification of the achievement you need to reach. With $90 cost, this tracker is flexible thanks to its plentiful applications, sensors, and compatibility with numerous devices.  Based on the earlier UP24 model, Jawbone UP2 is the latest fitness wristband among others. Its forerunner U24 lends all the features for the new UP2 band except the dimension that is considerably smaller than the previous model. Costs at $100, it also comes with new style that suits the trend of modern days.

Fitbit Flex VS Jawbone UP2: Features

Fitbit Flex VS Jawbone UP
Fitbit Flex VS Jawbone UP

Sensors on Fitbit Flex and UP2 are standard including counting steps, calories torched, distance passed, and track daily movement. You can set your target and progress and see the status of the progress on the display using both. They also allow you to calculate the quality of your sleep with it and feature a silent vibrating alarm. Fitbit Flex VS Jawbone UP2 seems even in this category but the UP2 features a barcode scanner and a wide range database of food you can quickly calculate the calories consumed and enter food data.

Fitbit Flex VS Jawbone UP2: Specifications

Fitbit Flex features five white LEDs light indicator that inform users about their daily achievements to achieve the target. There are 10 color options. It takes one to two hours to charge fully and can last for five days of work. The UP2 comes with one color LEDs: orange for action, Blue for snooze, and white for message. There are two color options. When fully charged, it lasts for seven days work. Both devices can be worn during shower but they cannot be used in activities equal to swimming. UP2 wins this Fitbit Flex VS Jawbone UP2 when it comes to battery life but the Flex is the best when it comes to color options.

Fitbit Flex VS Jawbone UP2: Synchronization

Fitbit Flex VS Jawbone UP
Fitbit Flex VS Jawbone UP

You can use your computer or smartphone to see progress in your workout. iOS, Mac OS X, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows can work with Fitbit Flex. Share your results with companions using apps that lead to increase your motivation to work harder. iOS or Android can work well with UP2. A thorough track of your activity and quality of sleep can be viewed using UP by Jawbone Software. Fitbit Flex VS Jawbone UP2 seems even in this category as both have their own pros and cons.

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