Fitbit Flex Instructions And Review: How To Wear

The Fitbit Flex wristband may cause a really hard time to some people from not being able to shut the clasp properly to having problem with choosing the correct size band for their wrist. There are two diverse wristbands for the Fitbit Flex, a bigger and a smaller. You should fit wearing one of these wristbands. Flex will not function properly If not worn correctly so please read the Fitbit Flex Instructions. It is very vital keeping it adjusted fittingly as your Fitbit should function accurately.

Fitbit Flex Instructions: Getting Started

Fitbit Flex manual Instructions
Fitbit Flex manual Instructions

You should find the Fitbit Flex Instructions in the box once you open it. If not, you can visit the Fitbit page to get instructions to setup your Fitbit Flex. Then you will need to download and install the software. You can set up your Fitbit Connect with a setup wizard given. The instructions are a series of step by step you need to follow. Use two fingers to hold the sides of the tracker to get the tracker out of the charger easily and use your other hand to push the back of it. For best results, wear your Flex on your non-principal hand.

Fitbit Flex Instructions: Setting Goals

After you have charged the band, activate it and the dashboard will display your goal progress for Calories Burned, Steps, Very Active Minutes, and Distance. 20% of your goal is presented by every light on your Flex tracker. Your achievement is signed by buzz and flicker on Flex when you reach your goal. Choose Device Settings in your account to pick which goal you want to show on the display. A goal weight can also be set. The dashboard will let you monitor your advancement and achievements. Achieving goals will grant you badges.

Fitbit Flex Instructions Basics

the tracker send email for battery low
the tracker send email for battery low

There are about 5 days for the battery span after fully charged. You need to take out the tracker from the band to charge it and put it in the charger and wait for all 5 lights are flashing. When your battery is low, the tracker will send you email. Your tracker will sync with your Fitbit account automatically when it is within 20 feet from the Wireless Sync Dongle. You can use smartphone to sync to tracker via Bluetooth. For best results, use the included wristband when wearing Your Flex tracker. You can wear Flex out in the rain and in the shower as it is water resistant. Make sure you read Fitbit Flex Instructions before using your tracker.

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