Blocks Modular Smartwatch Review and Price

Smartwatch Class – There are many great smartwatches out there in the market such as Apple Watch, Samsung Gear, Moto 360 and many more. But this one is very different. This smartwatch is just not like the other smartwatches which provides same basic features. Well, I can say this smartwatch offers same basic features too but in the other way. So let’s take a look at the review of one of the most unique and futuristic smartwatch of all time now, Blocks Modular Smartwatch.

Blocks Modular Smartwatch Review

Blocks is actually a startup company which develops a newly designed smartwatch that gathered so much attention from Kickstarter. Its newest findings of technology make this company to be able to hit smartwatch’s market even though the company is basically new. For the best first product that they are making now is called Blocks Modular Smartwatch. This smartwatch is so different from others in term of its modular design.

The modular design of this Blocks Modular Smartwatch offers people to be able to get smartwatch based on their favorite facility from the smartwatch itself and also based on their budget.

Blocks Modular Smartwatch Review
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In the above picture, you can see Blocks Modular Smartwatch is separated into some pieces. The pieces that you see in the picture aren’t normal or usual pieces. Those pieces actually have their own function, facility or features. So, what do Blocks company offer with those Blocks Smartwatch pieces?

Blocks Modular Smartwatch Features

Blocks Modular Smartwatch Features

There are many features that you can find from those modules of the Blocks Modular Smartwatch. The features are divided into some categories of characteristic of its users.

The official website of Blocks explains the feature to be match on the hands of Adventurer who like to go out and hike at some places and need some features like Heart Rate, GPS, Altitude, Sim card and also extra battery due to the fact that it is so hard to find electricity in the adventurer destination.

Athlete is the next users who are also being facilitated. The module features for athlete are Body Temperature, ECG, Kinetic Charger, Blood O2 and also Heart Rate. Those apps are really helpful in order to track down the important statistic for athlete’s own energy and strength.

The last category set by Blocks is “For the Future“. This one is very brave. The company believes that the newest features can be the futuristic features that they have possessed firstly. Those features are actually Gesture, Haptic Feedback, Perspiration, Fingerprint, and Blood O2.

Sadly, on its features, there is no specific category aimed for women which can be the first amazing facility offered by Smartwatch company. However, women’s athletes or women’s adventurer can also be best fitted wearing this particular smartwatch.

Blocks Modular Smartwatch Price

With the modules design that Blocks offers, people can choose to buy the smartwatch with a wide price range. It is basically based on the features that they want to put on the Blocks Modular Smartwatch. Based on, the starting price could be $295 and might be less. We aren’t so sure for it because Blocks Modular Smartwatch is still in preorder.

Well, this is the end of Blocks Modular Smartwatch review by Smartwatch Class. We don’t discuss about the specs and the battery life because it hasn’t been out on the market yet. Hopefully, when it does, it will assist any of your needs in term of Smartwatch technology.

Blocks Modular Smartwatch
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We are actually unable to measure the performance rating but looking at its design and wonderful modular features, Blocks Modular Smartwatch could be a turning point of smartwatch technology.

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