Apple Watch Vs Fitbit Ionic Comparisons – Comparing Apple Watch vs Fitbit Ionic can be quite a challenge, namely since both devices are working well and each of them has their own signature style and characteristics. When it comes to deciding which one is the best, there are some major criteria like the features, the battery life, and also the fitness ability.

Fitness Ability

One of the main reasons why people buy the smart watch is because they want to track their physical activities – their sleeping pattern, how long have they walked, what about their exercise routine, how is the heart rate, and such thing alike. Both of the devices can do it all. However, when it comes to fitness performance and tracking, Fitbit is better –they have been in the industry longer than Apple.

Apple Watch Vs Fitbit Ionic
Apple Watch Vs Fitbit Ionic Comparison

If you compare Apple Watch vs Fitbit Ionic, you will see that Fitbit has a better app with polished quality – both for iOS and also Android devices. A single app is rich in information – heart health, sleep tracking, etc. The overall performance is intuitive, fast, efficient, and information.

Apple Watch Vs Fitbit Ionic
Apple Watch Vs Fitbit Ionic

It gives you enough information about overwhelming or flooding you with unnecessary info. Apple, on the other hand, requires more than one app to access all of these data – which can be time consuming and ineffective. But then again, you need to applaud them for their efforts.

Other Features

From the term of design and style, Apple is better – the Ionic is somewhat unappealing. But in terms of battery life, it is super better than Apple. When the GPS is off, it can last for 6 days without being charged. Apple, on the other side, only lasts a day.

But then again, it terms of technology and how the watch can interact with devices – such as smart glasses or watch, Apple is the winner. It is able to connect to other smart gadgets while Fitbit…well, not really so. Those are some basic facts about Apple Watch vs Fitbit Ionic.

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