If you are always interested in following up updates from Apple, maybe you may be interested in their new wearable product, the Apple Watch 6. Rumor has it that the new smartwatch will be likely launched in 2020, together with iPhone 12. If not together, their launch dates won’t be far apart, respectively. If you tune into the smartwatch technology and you want to know the best advantage from it, some of the updates may be in your favor – or not. But on the overall retrospect, there is some updated information about the wearable item as Apple has released the official features during the 2020 WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference).

About the Release

Apple Watch 6 Design

Since the first Apple Watch, the launch has been done every year in September, so it is quite logical if people predict that the upcoming Apple Watch 6 will take place at the same time. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world, and it is unclear whether it has affected Apple in launching their new product – both the watch and iPhone 12. Some say that Apple may delay the launch for iPhone 12 – and the same problem may happen to the watch too.

For the overall program, it is said that the new 6 will go through the substantial and significant upgrade from the previous 5. However, some also say that it won’t be much different from Apple Watch 4. But since Apple hasn’t been clear about the launching date, we can only speculate. Hopefully, they will have an official release about the exact launching date. For the price, it is highly likely that it is similar to Watch 5.

Design and Display

Rumor has it that the new Apple Watch 6 may be coming with a new type for the screen. Since Watch 5 has been using the OLED screen, the 6 is said to come with microLED. Of course, there are some good reasons why Apple would use such a screen. One of which is better power efficiency, leading to better and also longer battery life. But others say that the screen will remain the same as Watch 5.

Besides the screen, it is also possible that Apple 6 may have a fingerprint ID scanner. The current one doesn’t have such biometric security technology, but Apple is thinking about it. Such a thing is possible by having the wireless antennas onto the strap. It will provide more space for the scanner and also a bigger battery. However, (third party) strap companies would have the limitation in producing their items. As a result, strap replacement would be super costly.

But in terms of design, don’t expect it to have drastic improvement from the previous ones. A lot say that the design will be the same as the current one despite the possible changes in technology.

Features and Specs

Apple Watch 6 Release Date

If there is any improvement in the features, native sleep tracking is one of them. It’s based on people’s prediction that the company has been using third party (sleep tracking) app – which is strange isn’t made by Apple itself.

Parental controls with better and improved features are likely created, along with new distance-tracking tachymeter markings. Another health focus improvement is made, with a blood oxygen level monitoring system. If your level somewhat drops quite significantly (which may lead to cardiac arrest), there will be a warning for it. Heart rate monitor system (that is connected to the blood oxygen level) and also the ECG system will be improved for the next 6 series. The technologies can warn the wearers about panic attack signs whenever it happens. Wherever you are, you will get the warning so you can calm yourself and not endanger yourself (or others).

More Technologies

Apple Watch 6 Rumors

There are still more technologies to expect from this Apple Watch 6. It has a system that warns you whether you are possibly drowning –and then ask for help. The watch will make contact with emergency services when such an incident happens.

There are also improved technologies for better wireless connection and water resistance. Faster performance is also expected from the new release. However, Watch 5 already has its water-resistant technology, so there isn’t a surprise from this aspect.

watchOS 7


With the new release of the watch, there will also new (and improved) software with watchOS 7. What to expect from the new software? Well, for a starter, such a system will ensure the watch to have multiple watch faces as well as complications. Users are free to create their custom selections based on their environment or surrounding. Watch face is one thing to enjoy from the software.

More improvements are focused on the fitness and health sectors, such as Maps apps with the cycling options or the sleep tracking ability. There are also workouts options, focusing on total body workout such as Dance. There would be different Dancing styles, including Latin, hip hop, cardio dance, and Bollywood. But if you aren’t into dancing, no need to worry as there are other various workout modes, like functional strength training and core training.

Besides the better apps and features, some people expect Apple to release the circular design for the watch. It may not happen this year, but it doesn’t hurt if Apple can consider it for their next production.

Watch 6 will face heavy competition from its strongest competitor, Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, which is said to launch in 2020 too. Apple needs to have winning elements over Samsung Galaxy Watch with its Apple Watch 3, especially if they want to win the competition.

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